Diamond in the Rough by Lori L. Robinett

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Ranch hand Aidan Brackston has built a new life at the Diamond J, and he keeps women at arm’s length to protect his secret . . . until he walks into the local scrapbook store on an errand for his boss. When he accidentally knocks Gina on her ass, she respond with a slap . . . and the fireworks begin.

Single mom Gina Montgomery has her hands full running a business and taking care of her little boy. The last thing she needs is a man in her life, but when a tall, dark and sexy cowboy strides into her store, she’s reminded that she’s still a young woman with hopes and desires.

Just as passion ignites between Aidan and Gina, her little boy is kidnapped by rustlers. Will the two of them be able to save her little boy . . . even if that means exposing Aidan’s secret?


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IndieLove Magazine by Sarah Gai

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IndieLove Magazine is a new publication showcasing Indie Everything!!! From Independent Authors, Musicians, Film makers, Actors, Art, Etsy Crafters. With Bonus features such as content articles, recipes, DIY, not for profit and travel.


Artist Sarah Sculley – IndieLove Magazine Article

NYT bestselling Author Nashoda Rose Interview with IndieLove Magazine

When was it that you decided that being an artist was your calling?

Yesterday. True! I graduated from the Queensland College of Art in 2002 as one of many fresh-faced graphic designers. As the years went on, the briefs came in, the changes, and changes, and late nights, and more changes, and the all-nighters, more changes and then having my creative ideas smooshed, I decided that maybe being a graphic designer was a bit soul destroying. So I painted and created as an outlet.

I showed my work when I lived in China and had sell-out shows. When I moved home to Brisbane I thought I had to become a grown-up. Buy a house, settle down, procreate – all those picket-fence, 2.5 kids ideals. Silly me. I worked my tail off as a designer for a company that ended up making me redundant, one week before I was due back from maternity leave. It was an amazing blessing. It gave me the time, creativity and freedom to put everything I had into a solo show at Jugglers earlier this year. In my eyes, it was a massive success. I am entirely proud.

Since that show I’ve had so many opportunities become available for me to truly do what I believe is my calling – art. Yesterday was the first spare second I’ve had to sit down and think ‘oh my, everything is falling into place. I’m entirely happy, grateful and I feel like the real me. The universe is working with me and right here and now is where I am meant to be.’ This is that happiness that everyone has been talking about! Huh!

IndieLove Magazine


Magazine Links:  Site   Facebook   Twitter  Instagram



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Sarah will be awarding a $10 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. For a chance to win please fill out the rafflecopter below. For more chances to win follow the tour HERE!

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Interludes by Harmony Kent

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GENRE: Erotic Romance

A collection of short erotic fiction that will tickle more than your taste buds and wet more than your appetite.

With a range of genres and styles, this book has enough steam for everyone.

GREY MANCHESTER—contemporary romance in 1000 words. Will Nadine choose to drop her knife or her knickers?

DOUBLE TROUBLE—ménage a trois in 2000 words. After a dry spell, Sophia gets more than she bargained for with a solicitor and a teacher.

DRAGON KISSED—shifter romance in 3000 words. Jenna’s life is fairly run of the mill until she has a flying accident. With a dragon. All is not as it seems in this fiery romance.

TRYST—contemporary romance in 4000 words. Polly pushes the boundaries on a workplace night out.

LOVE ON THE CORNISH LINE—contemporary romance in 5000 words. Becky falls flat on her face, and madly in love. Her weekly commute home proves to be anything but routine.

THE INLAW—contemporary romance in 6000 words. At 43, amputee Carla never expected in her wildest dreams to be called a MILF by a hot young stud. Trouble is, he’s her son in law’s brother. And young enough to be her son. Sparks fly when she’s caught with her hands in the biscuit tin.

NIGHT NURSE—contemporary romance in 7000 words. Denise has only weeks left to live. What constitutes life, though? What fills the yawning hours of empty days? Who are you once the chemo and the cancer have stripped you bare? What to do?—Go out on a slow fizzle, or with a big bang?

OVERBOARD—contemporary romance in 8000 words. When Stella falls overboard in the middle of the Pacific, she gets more than she bargained for. Sharks and storms not withstanding.

ALIEN LIAISON—alien romance in 9000 words. When the military transport, Lunas Two, crash lands on Zorth, Jay is given the job of liaising with the locals. She’s seen plenty of aliens in her four years of service, but never one as finger licking good as Lemo. How far will she have to go to keep the peace?

SAVING FACE—historical romance in 10,000 words. Non-related step brother and sister, David and Annalise, break all the rules in this steamy historical romance. Forced to live apart from the love of her life and into an arranged and loveless marriage, Annalise has to grow up fast. When all is lost, will she be able to save face?

READER ADVISORY: This book contains explicit sex scenes and language hot enough to melt your Kindle. For mature readers only.


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Dirty Boxing by A.K. Layton

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She was resistant, but he was insistent. A heart isn’t safe when you fight dirty.

Leena Clark is independent, fierce, and most importantly, always in control. As an event planner those are excellent qualities to have. Carrying those into a personal life doesn’t translate well, but that isn’t something that concerns her. She’s content living blissfully in her spinsterhood. However, when temptation and foolish curiosity clash, she allows the one man she shouldn’t to get close to her. After insisting it was a mistake, she finds herself relying on the fighter for help out of a difficult situation. But his help comes with a price.

Gavril Alenin has been waiting for the opportunity to get close to the beautiful, self-assured, and guarded Leena, and her moment of weakness is his chance to fight for the future he wants. Now in his fifteenth year as a professional MMA fighter, he’s ready to get out of the game, but not without a very specific plan: fight for the title one last time, then settle down with the reluctant Leena. But when he finally gets close to the girl of his dreams, everything else in his world falls apart.

When life turns their world on its head they have to decide if what they have is worth the fight, or will they lose it all because of fears and broken dreams?

Content Warning: contains graphic language, some violence, sex, and adult content

Genre(s): Contemporary Romance

Limited time for $.99!

Buy Links: Amazon   Barnes & Noble   Beachwalk Press

ts ABout the Author

A.K. Layton has always been one to play by her own set of rules. In her youth she enjoyed writing poetry as it gave her a creative outlet which had no restrictions. Now, after years of reading all types of romantic novels she decided that she wanted to write stories her way. She pushed ahead as only a natural born Taurus can, with sheer stubbornness and determination.

She resides in Oregon with her husband and two children. When she isn’t over committing herself for school functions, play-dates, and volunteer activities she enjoys watching MMA fights, taking advantage of the beautiful Oregon Coast, and reading until the wee hours of the night.

Author Links: Site  Facebook  Twitter

The Tremayne Family Romances by Anna J. Stewart

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(Asking for Trouble – Here Comes Trouble – The Trouble with Nathan)


MediaKit_BookCover_AskingForTroubleAsking for Trouble: Morgan Tremayne has a heart of gold, but to keep her children’s charity afloat she’s had to resort to some less than legal means: donations from a notorious cat burglar who targets the wealthy. It’s only a matter of time before Morgan’s criminal connection blows up in her face–especially since her undeniable attraction to the man heading the investigation keeps putting her in tricky situations.

Former police detective-turned-investigator for the D.A. Gage Juliano has two goals: salvaging his career and nabbing Lantano Valley’s present-day Robin Hood. But when he meets a beautiful, curvaceous woman who’s more interested in helping others than amassing a fortune like the rest of the town’s residents, Gage finds his desires pulled in an unexpected direction…

Here Comes Trouble: Former beauty queen Sheila Tremayne looks dainty, but she’s tougher than she seems. The hard-as-MediaKit_BookCover_HereComesTroublenails business woman is determined to bring down corruption among Lantano Valley’s rich and powerful. Her latest scheme to get technology tycoon Chadwick Oliver is going perfectly until a distraction arrives in the form of Malcolm–the man who broke her heart and who happens to be Chadwick’s son…

Malcolm spent five long years away after his father publicly blamed him for some shady business dealings. Now he’s back to exact some revenge. Reconnecting with Sheila was never part of the plan, but the second he sees her, there’s no way he can resist…

Sheila and Malcolm quickly fall into the sizzling passion between them, but Malcolm has no intention of staying once he’s finished with his father–even if leaving Sheila again might be more than he can bear.

MediaKit_BookCover_TheTroubleWithNathanThe Trouble with Nathan: Nathan Tremayne shares a dangerous secret with his father, Jackson, and sister Sheila. Together they are Nemesis, the infamous cat burglar who targets the wealthy. But when Jackson is framed for stealing the priceless Crown of Serpia, the whole family is at risk.

Nathan isn’t about to let his father go down for a crime he didn’t commit, but finding the real culprit won’t be easy with Laurel Scott, the nosy, pushy, drop-dead gorgeous insurance investigator following his every move.

But Laurel has secrets of her own. Posing as an insurance investigator was part of her own plan for the Tremaynes. As their attraction heats up, and the truth comes out, will this pair of thieves steal each other’s hearts?

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Tips from Tamaria: Spring Cleaning

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Spring cleaning, but it’s snowing outside!

The calendar does say spring but for some of us it’s still winter.

At my home which is in Western New York we do have snow, but I want to start my spring cleaning! so, today I’ll be giving you a few cleaning tips using lemons.


Tip #1 – Refreshing your microwave.

  Put 2 cups a water in a microwave safe bowl and slice of a lemon. Place in the microwave on high for 6 – 8 minutes. Warning this will HOT when you remove it. Leave the door open for a few minutes and let the steam do it work. Then simply take a paper towel and wipe down the walls and ceiling of the microwave.

Tip #2

Cleaning your grout.

Use lemon juice and a toothbrush to scrub the grout in your bathroom. You can juice a fresh lemon or use lemon juice found in most grocery stores.

Tip #3

Removing tough stain from plastic Wear.

Soak your food storage containers in lemon juice and water for 15 minutes, add a little baking soda  and then scrub, rinse and dry.

 It’s amazing what you can do with a lemon!

Happy Spring Cleaning!


#AmazonGiveaway eCopy of Southern Embrace

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Morning and happy Tuesday!

I’m running a giveaway on Amazon for a FREE eCopy of Southern Embrace!


New Southern Embrace cover

Can a long lost love mend a grieving heart?

Widowed at twenty-three, Savannah Grant is devastated and consumed with grief, a grief that she can’t seem to move past. When her high school sweetheart, Lance Peterson, re-enters her life, Savannah struggles with the feeling that she would be betraying her deceased husband by moving on. Plus, she can’t forget the way Lance broke her heart all those years ago.

Lance never stopped loving Savannah. He wants a second chance, and he’s willing to do anything it takes to convince her to give him one. Will she give in and let Lance love her, showing her a passion beyond anything she thought possible?

Content Warning: adult language, explicit sexual situations, anal play

My WIP: Life in the Fastlane

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Happy Sunday!


I’ve been busy writing a sexy story that’s full of drama!

My hero is NASCAR driver named Slade Wilson and my heroine is an actress named Jewel Harris. The meet in the green room before a talk show!

Slade Wilson Promo

Jewel Harris Promo

  Here’s a teaser:


Upon entering the room she was happy to be alone. It was a simple room with a desk in the corner, two couches, framed articles and photos adorned the walls, and a monitor on the farthest wall to watch the show. To pass the time she started to scan the items on the wall, the door opening caused her to turn around. Jewel made eye contact with one of the most ruggedly attractive man she’s ever met. He was tall with short brown hair, deep brown eyes and scruff like he hadn’t shaved in a few days. She had seen his face somewhere but just couldn’t place where.

“Hello, I’m Slade Wilson,” he said as he extended his hand toward her.

“I’m Jewel Harris. Nice to meet you, Slade. You’re a NASCAR driver, right?” she replied as her hand met his. She let out a slight breath when a warm tingle flowed through her upon contact. What the hell was that? She took a step back after he released her hand. “You’re the one they’re all talking about, NASCAR’s hottest rookie yet.”

“Something like that, and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Jewel. I’ve seen some of your movies. Your pictures don’t do you justice, darlin’” he responded in a deep tone. His southern accent was making her melt inside.

“Thank you, I could say the same about you.”

“Yeah, well, we all look stupid in our jump suit,” he replied with a light laughter and he poured himself a cup of coffee.

“I have to disagree, Slade I think you all look pretty hot in those suits.”  Her face was getting warm. What the hell has gotten into to me? I don’t flirt, especially with strangers. She wanted to smack that all-knowing-beautiful grin off his face. She needed to compose herself. “You must be excited about Daytona?”

“Very excited. Would you like a cup?”

“Yes, please, I would love one.”

“You follow racing?” he asked, a little shocked.

“I know a little about racing, I have cousins,” she responded with a smile.

“How do you take it?” he asked, and she wanted to scream ‘Anyway you want to give it to me.’

“Black,” she finally mumbled. She was a hundred percent sure she was losing her mind. She was confused at the way her body reacted to this complete sexy as hell stranger.

“Here you go, nice and hot.” The words just melted from his lips.

She took a deep breath. “Thank you.”